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LEGO Super Mario

Get ready to bounce into the Mushroom Kingdom with Zavvi’s massive collection of Super Mario LEGO - Princess Peach won’t save herself!

Saddle up on your nearest Yoshi, and build a vast treasure trove of gold coins to purchase the latest LEGO sets from Nintendo's most-iconic video game franchise. Bringing all the classic moments you’ve become familiar with from your time in this fantastical world of adventure, prepare to say “Wahoo!” as you bring the universe of Super Mario to life like never before in spectacular block-building fashion!

A Nintendo Classic

One of the original Nintendo video game franchises of 1985, Super Mario is a world-renowned franchise, achieving critical acclaim with its many fun and exciting instalments across multiple console generations.

Spanning out across all media and into the realm of film and television, Super Mario is an all-time great figure of pop culture – instantly recognisable from its many colourful characters and inspired worlds.

Take on the villainous Bowser and his many loyal compatriots, travelling world to world alongside our endearing hero (a short and eccentric Italian plumber) in pursuit of Princess Peach.

With Princess Peach kidnapped by the leader of the Koopas, Bowser, the heroic Mario embarks on a platform-scaling mission, taking on a legion of Goombas and death-defying scenarios.

From the many traps and obstacles, Super Mario is an innovative game that set the standard for the platforming genre.

Enter The World Of Super Mario

Everybody knows Mario – the moustache-sporting, red-hat-wearing plumber with an undeniable hero complex, diving head-first into danger again and again to rescue Princess Peach from the clawed clutches of the turtle-shelled, fire-breathing King Bowser.

Sometimes joined by his green-overall-clad brother, Luigi, Mario is not alone! Meet an expansive cast of personalities: Toad, Princess Daisy, Donkey Kong, Wario, Waluigi, Rosalina, and many more. There is no shortage of bombastic playable characters to engage with! Whether in the driver’s seat in Mario Kart or taking on spooky ghosts in Luigi’s Mansion, they all get their chance to shine!

And now you get you can bring the many members of the Super Mario cast home, creating your own adventures in Zavvi’s selection of officially licensed LEGO straight from the vaults of Bowser’s Castle!

The Best Toy On The Market

LEGO has become a staple name in the toy market, creating the best in fun collectable merchandise since 1932. And now LEGO meets Super Mario, turning this 2D side-scroller into a 3D dynamic play kit, ready for you to assemble, display, and enjoy!

Power up with the closest red mushroom and grow your collection of LEGOs through the many fortresses, castles, and toadstools in Zavvi’s diverse Super Mario product selection!

So, what are you waiting for? 1-Up your collection, and get your plumbing tools ready because you’ve got some building to do!